Lucy Allan meets with Health Secretary to discuss A&E closure

The town’s MPs have reported concerns about the Hospital Trust management and patient safety to the regulatory body that regulates the Trust. They have asked for intervention in the form of Special Measures.


Lucy Allan said:

'It will strengthen the case for intervention to have the Council set out its concerns in writing and support the call for Special Measures. If the Council has not yet done so, it is important that it does at the earliest opportunity.

'We recognise the CQC won’t be able to magic up more doctors overnight. However, they will be able to provide oversight and much needed support and advice to help Trust management get back on track and ensure our community has access to safe accident and emergency care.

‘I have set out in detail the many challenges the Trust faces to the CQC, the Chief Inspector of Hospitals and the Health Secretary.

‘I met with the Health Secretary today together with Telford Councillor Nicola Lowery. The Health Secretary shares our concerns about the serious challenges the trust faces and has agreed to work with local MPs to find a solution.’


The Health Secretary said:

‘I am concerned about the issues currently facing this Trust.

‘It is important that the appropriate regulatory body is notified of serious concerns anyone has about patient safety and quality of care.

‘Local MPs have written to the CQC and I know the CQC are taking these concerns very seriously.

‘I will continue to monitor this closely and will work with local MPs and the Trust to find a solution.’


Cllr Lowery said:

‘I was pleased to see the Health Secretary listen to our concerns and recognise the gravity of the healthcare challenges facing our town.’