Lucy Allan meets with Chair of Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Exploitation in Telford

Today in Parliament, local MP Lucy Allan met with Tom Crowther QC, Chair of the Independent Inquiry into Telford Child Sexual Exploitation.

The Independent Inquiry into child sexual exploitation has been set up to investigate and establish the facts around child sexual exploitation in Telford. This followed an extensive campaign by the local MP and investigative journalists who uncovered the scale of child sexual grooming in the town over a significant period.

The Inquiry survivors will seek to identify where public services failed. The inquiry will also establish who is accountable for any failure and to make recommendations for the future.

Following the meeting, Lucy Allan said:

“I was very pleased to meet with the Chair of the inquiry, Tom Crowther QC to discuss the inquiry into child sexual exploitation in Telford and the damaging effect it has had on our community. It’s taken 18 months to get to this point from the council agreeing to the inquiry.

“However, I am confident that this inquiry is in safe and independent hands. I want our community to feel reassured that the inquiry will take our community forward.”