Lucy Allan gets behind National Apprenticeship Week 2019

Local MP Lucy Allan is supporting National Apprenticeship Week 2019 (NAW2019), highlighting the benefits of apprenticeships to employers, individuals, local communities and the wider economy in a week-long celebration of apprenticeships.

The ‘Blaze a Trail’ themed week, running this week from 4 to 8 March 2019, is the 12th annual National Apprenticeship Week (NAW2019) and will see a range of activities and events being hosted across the country, aimed at challenging the outdated views many people still have about apprenticeships. 

The Week also highlights the huge number of high-quality apprenticeship opportunities available at all levels around the country, in a huge variety of sectors, including aviation engineering, nursing, finance and policing.

MP’s, employers, apprentices, parents, schools and apprenticeship training providers have all shown their support for The Week through wearing an apprenticeship badge of support on social media channels; attending one of hundreds of events taking place across England and firing up the next wave of apprentices by encouraging them to join the Young Apprentice Ambassador Network.


Lucy Allan said:

“I am delighted to be supporting National Apprenticeship week to showcase the many opportunities that come from carrying out an apprenticeship.

“It is so important that young people really consider an apprenticeship as a start to their career. I am a huge advocate of learning whilst earning and I would encourage all young people in Telford to explore this option as a form of higher education.” 


Apprenticeships and Skills Minister Anne Milton said:

“Throughout National Apprenticeship Week people from industry, employers and across the public sector will be celebrating their apprentices and the amazingly positive impact they bring to the organisations that employ them.

“We want to raise awareness of apprenticeships, and we want to encourage more employers to start their own apprenticeship programme and really start to fire up their own business or organisation. Apprenticeships are for people of all ages and backgrounds, and this is a good time to kick start their career, maybe return to work or change direction and get on the road to a really great job.

“‘Blaze a Trail’ is the theme for the week so we are calling on employers to step up, take the lead and show how apprenticeships bring new energy and enthusiasm. The benefits are immeasurable for both business and individuals. National Apprenticeship Week is the ideal opportunity to celebrate the fantastic opportunity being an apprentice, or hiring an apprentice, can bring. Having MPs in their local area celebrating the hundreds of brilliant local activities taking place is a great way to highlight the great work being done. Fire it up - whoever you are and show people the trail you are blazing!”