Lucy Allan to feature in exhibition to celebrate women in Parliament

To mark 100 years since some women achieved the right to vote, Open Eye Gallery in collaboration with photographer Hilary Wood are replacing the contemporary art collection at the Palace of Westminster with new photos of every female MP.

Every female MP will have their photo taken exclusively by female photographers. The project named ‘209 Women’ is a national artist-led project that aims to champion the visibility of women in Parliament.

On 14th December 1918 women voted for the first time, and in the same year the first female MP was elected. 100 years on, this project marks that significant moment in history, whilst also highlighting the ongoing need for gender equality across society.

The exhibition will hang in the Palace of Westminster from 14th December to February 2019 and will be free and open to the public. 

Lucy Allan said:

“I am delighted to have the opportunity to take part in this important project. It was a pleasure to work with the very talented photographer Lua Ribera in Telford. To celebrate the 50th anniversary we chose a location which celebratesTelford's past, present and future: Randlay Brickworks pit mound in Telford Town Park. The Town Park is a very special place which everyone in Telford can enjoy. The photograph pays tribute to our heritage and celebrates the open spaces which make Telford a unique place to live. I love the idea of women MPs across the country bringing their constituencies to life in Westminster to form a very special exhibition."

“I hope it will inspire more women to put themselves forward for public life and I encourage everyone to visit in the exhibition in Parliament in December.”