Lucy Allan demands Telford & Wrekin Council begin Inquiry into CSE in Telford

Telford’s MP has today demanded that Telford & Wrekin Council begin the independent inquiry into CSE in Telford as it has emerged that 3 men are currently standing trial for sexual abuse offences against a Telford teenager. The 20 offences relate to the trafficking and rape of a 15-year-old girl who was befriended on social media. The men were arrested following an investigation when the teenager was reported missing.

The prosecutor revealed that arrangements were made for her to be taken to meet numerous men for sex, and on at least one occasion up to 12 men abused her at a supermarket car park in Telford.

All three accused, from Birmingham, deny the allegations which relate to dates between March and July 2016.

Following a two-year survivor led campaign which began in 2016, last year Telford & Wrekin Council agreed to commission an independent inquiry into CSE in the town.

The local authority previously resisted such an inquiry claiming that lessons had been learnt, cited recent Ofsted findings that rated their work ‘good’ and referred to IICSA which they claimed would look at what happened in Telford.

Lucy Allan said:

“This case is more evidence which shows why we need a local inquiry in Telford. It is quite astonishing that the authorities could imagine that an ongoing delay to starting the inquiry could be acceptable in any circumstances.

“These horrific crimes are still going on. This is a matter of urgency. The Council appears not to understand this. They have created a complex bureaucratic structure but are no nearer the appointment of an independent Chair.

“The Council now need to remove the obstacles and allow an independent Chair to begin work.”