Lucy Allan calls for long term funding for The Holly Project

Telford’s MP, has written to Councillor Lee Carter, Cabinet Member with special responsibility for Finance, Commercial Services & Economic Development to urge Telford & Wrekin Council to put funding CSE survivor led project on to a permanent footing.

The Holly Project is an independent drop in service in Telford that is run by survivors of CSE, including Holly Archer, after whom the project has been named. Holly from Telford has spoken out about her experiences as a victim of CSE. She was groomed and exploited over four years from the age of 14, without intervention from the authorities. 

The Holly Project offers survivors of CSE a brighter, safer and more fulfilled future. 

It was set up in response to the needs of survivors and their families and offers a safe place to get support and advice from people who understand the trauma and lasting impact of CSE.

Telford & Wrekin Council is funding the Holly Project as a six-month pilot and are currently in discussions about extending this provision going forward.


Lucy Allan said:

“The Holly Project is a testament to the resilience of our community. It is a hugely valuable initiative which gives CSE survivors access to much needed support.  Holly has been an inspiration to our community, she has worked with survivors, the YMCA, and volunteers, all coming together to help the community move forward.

“It is important that the Council steps up and  recognises the responsibility it has to support the community and victims. Whilst short term funding is welcome, I strongly urge the Council to put this funding for the Holly Project on a permanent basis. We need a long term commitment to ensure the future of this project.”