Lucy Allan attends Telford Apprenticeship Show

Today in Telford, local MP Lucy Allan attended the Telford Apprenticeship show taking place at the International Centre for the 4th consecutive year.

The show is the largest of its kind in the local area and offered visitors an opportunity to find out more about the wide range of careers now available through Apprenticeships at local companies such as Capgemini, Ricoh and BAE Systems.

The event was sponsored by the Careers and Enterprise Company as a Government funded organisation.

The Careers & Enterprise Company was established in 2015 to help link schools and colleges to employers, to increase engagement for young people. They work with Local Enterprise Partnerships to build a national network which now links 2,000 (over 50%) schools and colleges to employers and have also funded 150 programmes to provide high quality employer engagement activities to young people where they are most needed.

Last year the show saw over 3,700 visitors and 70+ exhibitors including employers, universities, colleges, training providers and advice and support organisations.


Lucy Allan said:

“I was delighted to attend the Telford Apprenticeship Show to see first-hand the many training opportunities on offer in Telford.

“We have some fantastic businesses in Telford who are engaging with schools and the local community to ensure that they are able to offer apprenticeships as an alternative route of education.

“It is so important that young people in Telford really consider an apprenticeship as a start to their career. I am a huge advocate of learning whilst earning and I would encourage all young people in Telford to explore this option for their future.”