Local Community Support Line for coronavirus support and guidance

01952 382030

Weekdays 9am-5pm
Weekends 9am-1pm

There is now a dedicated Community Support Line to help residents through the uncertainty caused by the coronavirus. 

The Community Support Line will provide advice and support with finances, employment and social concerns. It will also help residents to be supported in their homes whilst self-isolating

Lucy Allan MP said:

"A lot of constituents have been in touch about their concerns about the effects of coronavirus on their lives, finances and jobs.

I am pleased that there is now a dedicated line to support residents and would encourage constituents with concerns to use it.

I would also advise elderly residents and those requiring extra support whilst self-isolating to call the Community Support Line on 01952 382030."

You can access updated coronavirus advice and guidance at https://www.lucyallan.com/coronavirus-advice.