Lawley Square cleanup welcomed by Lucy Allan MP

Lucy Allan MP has welcomed news that Lawley Village Square will be cleaned up following a petition from residents.


The MP visited the site with Telford & Wrekin Councillor Mark Boylan after a petition was started by Lawley resident Jennifer Richards.


Telford MP Lucy Allan said: “I have been in contact with the developer, who explained that there had been ongoing discussions with the council which have now been resolved. I am grateful to the Director of Henry Davidson Developments, Richard Croft, for telling me what action is being taken.


“This situation has gone on too long. People deserve to be proud of where they live, and the fact that residents of the area have to pay a £250 community charge for maintenance makes the delays worse.


“The community really made their voice heard on this and I’m glad the parties involved have come together to solve this issue.


“I will be keeping an eye on this with the help of the our local Councillors to ensure the work gets done.”


In a letter to Lucy Allan MP, the Managing Director of Henry Davidson Developments, Richard Croft, said:

“Discussions have been ongoing with the Council for some time regarding the scope of the remedial works required to the Square and I am pleased to say that these have now been agreed.


“The work on site commenced yesterday and is due to complete in the next few days. On completion the temporary fencing will be removed. 

“There are also some further works required to the highway directly adjacent to the public square which have also now been agreed with the Council. Due to the nature of the works they will be undertaken on a phased basis over the next few weeks to minimise disruption. We will ensure that the contractors liaise closely with local retailers and are also proposing a letter drop to keep local residents informed of the programme. “