Jacob Rees-Mogg visits Telford businesses

At the invitation of Lucy Allan, Jacob Rees-Mogg visited Telford today to discuss the challenges facing local businesses and to see for himself the fantastic efforts of business owners in getting our economy back on track while being Covid-compliant.

The Leader of the House visited the Merrythought Teddy Bear Factory, where they design and supply handmade traditional teddy bears to major British retailers and organisations, including to the official gift shops in Parliament.

Merrythought is a fantastic example of a successful family-owned business, making their bears right on our doorstep in Ironbridge using traditional manufacturing techniques. Businesses across Telford produce a huge variety of products that are renowned for their quality and value; Lucy is keen to ensure they are supported through this challenging economic period.

Lucy then took Jacob to the Riverside Tearoom, where they discussed the impact of Brexit, multiple floods and the coronavirus pandemic on businesses in Ironbridge. The Government stands behind all those who have experienced a loss of income over the last several months, and is keen to encourage people to return to shops and venues to protect jobs and livelihoods.

Lucy believes it is important to understand first-hand the challenges people face when trying to earn a livelihood against all odds. She is keen to showcase the Telford’s rich heritage and modern economy, as well as ensuring those in Government recognise the challenges that lie ahead for Telford. 

You can buy your own bear here www.merrythought.co.uk