Impartial Information on the EU Referendum

The House of Commons is fortunate to be blessed with one of the best libraries on the world and contains not only excellent resources but first class researches that provide objective and impartial information to MPs and their staff. A lot of this information is publicly available on their website.


As one of the major political issues of this Parliament the HoC Library has produced numerous briefings on the EU referendum.


With all the stats, scare stories and spin being thrown at the public by campaigners from both sides I thought it would be useful to share with you links to the briefing material provided as I know from speaking to many Telford people that they just want the facts free of the politics.


There is a wealth of information from the library that can be accessed here.


For a ‘brief’ summary of the whole referendum process from how it started to what the possible outcomes may look like there is this briefing. This also contains information on what the withdrawal process from the EU could look like.


For more detail on how ‘Brexit’ may affect the UK’s key policy areas this briefing has been produced.


For further information on how the UK could look after a remain vote and the implementation of David Cameron’s reforms this briefing has been produced.


I hope this information is of use in helping you to decide which was to cast what will be one of your most important ever votes.