Health Care merger will not narrow health inequalities says Telford MP

Shropshire and Telford & Wrekin Clinical Commissioning groups (CCGs) have unveiled their plan to merge to save on running costs. CCGs are responsible for planning and ordering health care services in their local areas. Currently the county has two separate organisations, Shropshire and Telford & Wrekin CCG.

The plan is for the organisations to combine, in a bid to save 20% to running costs.

The proposal will be considered by both groups at their meetings this month, where committee members will be asked to proceed with the merger.

If this plan is approved then a request to continue the process will be submitted to NHS England by September 2019, with a completion date set for 1 April next year.


Commenting on this plan, Lucy Allan said:

“Local health bosses have time and again failed to recognise the differing health needs of Telford and Shropshire and a combined CCG will only aggravate this problem. The council must bring pressure to bear on local decision makers to stop this merger.

“Telford has a very different demographic and poorer health outcomes by every measure. Despite this, we continue to see greater investment into Shrewsbury than we do into Telford.

“Health bodies have a statutory duty to narrow health inequalities and we must ensure that our local health bodies do discharge this duty. A combined CCG will fail to meet the needs of disparate areas.

“Our local council has a vital role to play in shaping the local health economy.  It has a seat at the table and can influence the outcomes of local decisions that affect Telford.

“I will continue to raise my concerns about the lack of accountability of CCGs and the failure to meet the needs of local people in Parliament. I will also keep a close eye on the work of the Council to ensure that Telford’s healthcare needs are met.”