Give Telford the tools for success, says MP

Speaking after a Parliamentary debate earlier this week, in which the Telford MP called for better train services for Telford, Lucy Allan said: “Its time to put Telford first."
 “Telford has an absolute right to have good direct connections to other major population centres. It is my job to stand up and speak up for my constituents. I am proud to champion their needs and concerns and I will make no apology for that. Poor train services and poor connectivity are massive issues for Telford. Telford is a significant population centre and business destination. It is absolutely right to seek better connectivity. Give Telford the tools its needs to thrive and the region as a whole will benefit.

"I welcome an extra train per hour to Birmingham. This extra train will create more capacity on the whole route. I want to make sure this new train is a direct service which does not stop at the small villages along the way. We already have an hourly stopping service between Telford and Birmingham which stops at every village. There is no argument, whatsoever for the new service to be an additional stopping service.

"If you live in a rural area, you know your train service will be less frequent than if you live in a major population centre or business destination. Telford is being short changed and that is in no one’s interests. It’s my job to listen to my constituents and fight for changes that make their lives better and that secure Telford’s future. I want train operators to listen and work with us to give Telford the tools for success.

"Telford makes a massive contribution to Shropshire and the West Midlands as a whole. It is time for Shropshire to embrace Telford, welcome our success and support our future for the benefit of the region as whole.”

You can read Lucy Allan’s speech in full here