Get Brexit done so we can focus on domestic issues says Telford MP

Today in Parliament during Prime Ministers Questions, local MP Lucy Allan asked the Prime Minister to focus on the issues that matter to Telford.  

Ms Allan said that people in Telford elected her to speak for them and better hospital care, more police on the streets and a good school for their children are their priorities. She asked the Prime Minister to commit to building on his recent funding announcements in these areas to deliver great public services for Telford.

The question comes ahead of the Spending Review which will be announced by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sajid Javid MP today in Parliament and will set out the Government’s public spending commitments.


Responding to the question, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said:

“We love Telford and Telford is going to see even more when the Chancellor announces his Spending Review.

“There will be investment in the NHS, more police offices to keep our streets safe and more money for every school in this country. Conservative are delivering on the priorities of the British people.”


Lucy Allan MP said:

“We have spent three years talking about Brexit and it is now time to talk about our domestic agenda. That’s what my constituents want to hear.

“I am pleased to see very welcome spending commitments on these important areas because that’s what people expect from Parliament.”