Future Fit stament

“I will be speaking to David Evans (Chief Officer, NHS Telford and Wrekin CCG and NHS Shropshire CCG) later today for a full briefing on today’s reports.


“I hope that for my constituents sake today’s news reports amount to little more than misinformation. However, this uncertainty should not go on and on unchecked.


“Telford has by far the strongest case for the new Emergency Department. In addition moving the £28 million Women and Children’s centre, which has only been open around 2 years, would be a complete betrayal of Telford by Future Fit.


“With excellent road links, the fastest growing town in the West Midlands as well as significant pockets of deprivation, the Princess Royal Hospital has to be the long-term home for both of these departments."


“Since coming to Telford in 2013, this has been my number one priority and is the single issue that matters most to my constituents. It's incomprehensible that Telford should lose a brand new facility for women and children.


“I have previously dismissed such rumours a scaremongering. It's time for Future Fit and SATH NHS to get down off the fence and tell it how it is.”