Concern at Town Park Visitor Centre cut

Telford MP, Lucy Allan is concerned at the proposal to save £8,000 by closing the town park visitor centre for a third of the year from November to February. The proposed cut overlooks the fact that the park is still a big draw during the winter, with all sorts of activities and events such as the weekly park run, volunteer sessions, Holocaust Memorial Day and school visits potentially being hit.The main council report (accessible here) makes no reference to the slashing of funding for the visitor centre and is instead hidden away nearly half way through an appendix (accessible here).Only in November 2015 did Cabinet Member for Leisure Services and Culture Cllr Liz Clare say after Telford won the prestigious national award for best UK park from the Fields In Trust: “Our Town Park is one of the jewels in Telford’s crown and it is great to have it confirmed on a national stage.”Commenting on the potential winter closure, Lucy said: “By cutting the funding for the visitor centre the Council is undermining the success of the very jewel they cherished only a few months ago.  "The Friends of Telford Town Park (FTTP) who have given thousands of hours of free labour over the year do an invaluable job for everyone who uses our park. The closure of the visitor centre in wi tear months feels like a lack of gratitude for all the FTTP have done.
“This cut is one that I cannot support and I urge the Council to rethink this proposal as quickly as possible.”