EU nationals working in the NHS

March 2018

The latest figures from NHS Digital show that there are almost 3,000 more EU nationals, including almost 500 more doctors, working in the NHS as of September 2017 than before the referendum result.

The Government is working hard to improve staffing levels, both in the short and long-term, across the health service, and has set a target a target of recruiting 25 per cent more doctors and nurses every year. This would equate to, roughly, 1,500 more doctors, and 5,000 more nurses being trained, and the Department of Health is liaising with universities to ensure that our higher education sector is prepared to deliver this new generation of recruits.

There is, though, more to do, and I am pleased that agreement has now been reached to guarantee the rights of EU nationals working in the UK – both in public and private industry – and that, as part of its post-Brexit vision, the Government will be streamlining its immigration policy, so that skilled staff, from the across the world, can come to live, and work, in the UK.

This will ensure that our health service, amongst other institutions, is staffed with the best domestic, EU, and non-EU professionals.