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The recommendation by the Future Fit board to move 24 hour emergency care to the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital is one that Lucy Allan MP has strongly opposed throughout. 

Lucy has been actively making the case for the Princess Royal Hospital to retain its 24/7 emergency care provision. Lucy has recently written a joint letter with Mark Pritchard MP to the Chair of the NHS Shropshire CCG seeking a full review of the plans.

It is Lucy's opinion that significant investment into the County’s healthcare infrastructure must reflect current challenges and current healthcare needs and priorities. There is very significant opposition to the proposal from Telford residents and all local elected representatives.

The Future Fit proposal was first developed in 2014 and it must now be reviewed and updated to make it relevant to 2021 and beyond.

There has also been a significant senior leadership shake up at both the Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital Trust (SaTH) and the County’s CCG. The decision makers will need to take ownership of these proposals and be held to account for the decisions made.

The current management will be required to make the case for and defend a highly controversial plan that they have had no part in approving or developing and may well not support.

Lucy has been actively scrutinising the decision and making the case for the Princess Royal Hospital to retain its services in full. Lucy has also voiced support for the compromise option of a standalone emergency care centre located between Telford and Shrewsbury, but this has not been adopted by local NHS managers,

During the Future Fit process Lucy has met on many occasions with the Health Secretary and Ministers at the Department for Health, raised questions and spoke in debates in Parliament, met with the Council and regularly met with and corresponded with NHS commissioners.

At every opportunity Lucy has set out why emergency care needs to remain in Telford.

Please lend your support to Lucy's campaign to seek a full review of the plans by signing this petition.





Petition to undertake a review of the Future Fit proposals

I agree that a full review of the current Future Fit proposals should be undertaken as soon as possible