Better Local Heath Services

Over the past five years I have been making the case for Telford's Princess Royal to be the home of Shropshire & Powys' proposed new critical care emergency centre. As the years have gone by, no decision has been made and people have become more alarmed and more concerned about the future of

Getting Telford better connected

Lucy is keen to see Telford’s transport links improved to benefit both businesses and residents alike. Lucy wants improved rail services to the Birmingham with more trains, better frequency and a faster service. Better connections to the UK’s second city can only be a good thing for Telford.

Investment in Local Services

Telford has a unique urban rural mix. Lucy is keen to see that Telford’s limited green space is protected from over development so that there is green space for all to enjoy.  

Backing Telford Business

With more of our day to day lives needing an internet connection Lucy is committed to securing better broadband and connectivity for Telford.