Brexit and Devolution

March 2018

The Government is collaborating closely with the devolved administrations to ensure that our exit from the European Union (EU) will work for everyone in the UK, with its Joint Ministerial Committee, in particular, providing a clear channel for officials and leaders of the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Ireland governments to have their say.

Any decision currently taken by the devolved administrations will remain their responsibility after the UK leaves the EU. The Government has also proposed that the vast majority of powers that are returned from Brussels should start in Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast. If the devolved administrations accept this offer, it would strengthen and enhance the devolution settlements not weaken them.

The UK Government and the devolved administrations have already agreed that frameworks will be required to break down which of the powers returning from the EU should reside at a devolved level. While the frameworks are being agreed, the presumption will also be that these powers should reside at devolved level. Westminster would only be involved to protect the UK common market while a UK-wide framework is put in place.